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Savoring Thai Food in Ubud: An Absolute Delicacy of Pad Thai

Ubud's natural beauty may be admired in a myriad of ways. See ancient temples, say hi to the tame monkeys in the Sacred Monkey Forest, or wonder at the elegance of Balinese culture, and yes, indulge in gastronomic delights. While there are several culinary choices in Ubud, one of the many ways to amuse yourself is by savoring Thai food in Ubud at Sans Thai Restaurant. 

Sans Thai is located in Banjar Pinjul No. 8, Kenderan, Ubud, and nearby Tegalalang Rice Terrace. Surrounded by a breathtaking view of Ubud's rice field, a perfect fit to savor Thai food in Ubud's hidden gem. 

If you're wondering what to order at Sans Thai, the two best-selling meals are Pad Thai Goong and Sour Mash. Pad Thai Goong is perfect for those who enjoy noodles; it consists of fried flat rice noodles cooked in a wok with prawns, bean sprouts, peanuts, fish sauce, and lime.

Come out with the five tastes—salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and umami, Pad Thai usually consists of tamarind, fish sauce, garlic, dried shrimp, palm sugar, and red chili pepper. And the moment you put that spoon of Pad Thai hot soup in your mouth, you’ll immediately have all your sensations stimulated and create an absolute delicacy, 

Together with Pad Thai Goong, you can try Sans Thai's best-selling mocktail, Sour Mash. This mocktail comes from lime wedges, brown sugar, and lime juice, topped with Sprite, just imagine how fresh it is.

Sans Thai Restaurant focuses on an Authentic Thai dining experience by only using well-chosen and high-quality ingredients. Offers authentic Thai food with signature beverages made with passion by award-winning Chef Agus Umbarayana. 

Open daily from Monday to Sunday starting from 12.00 to 22:00, Sans Thai is a mandatory Thai Restaurant that you have to visit. Sawadikap your day!

So, if you want to relish Thai Food in Ubud, taste the delicacy of Pad Thai Goong and sour mash at Sans Thai. Learn more about Sans Thai on Instagram at @sansthai or contact the restaurant at https://sansthai.com/contact

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